Megan J. Wells | You’re Not Fat You’re Swollen
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You are not fat you are swollen

This book is about changing your relationship with your own body. This begins with an appreciation of your body as the complicated ecosystem that it is,   because without understanding its complexity, it’s impossible to understand its simplicity. But that doesn’t mean my message is complicated; in fact my message is a simple common sense analysis of what health truly is.

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Concise and inspiring, Megan Well's little book You're Not Fat You're Swollen packs quite a wallop. It won't take you long to read, but it could change your life.
~ John Robbins, author The New Good Life and Diet For A New America
This intellectual book captures the beautiful message of maintaining a balanced life in clear and concise writing that is both life changing and interesting to read.
~ Maia Chester age 13
Megan Wells' book, You're Not Fat, You're Swollen, offers a holistic approach to wellness that is easy to understand and follow. Packed with insight and helpful tips, you'll want to tell your loved ones to read this transformational book. ~ Kirsten Davis, Online Content Developer