Megan J. Wells | The Velcro Theory: Our Need To Cling
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velcro theory

The Velcro Theory: Our Need To Cling

“I am just a figment of God’s imagination” – MM

One day, in my yoga practice, I became aware that I was “clinging” to my body. I also noticed I had the tendency to cling to all sorts of other things. What I mean by “cling” is: the tendency to want to hold on to people, situations, the way things are, my home. I asked God if I needed to work on ridding myself of this tendency and was surprised at the answer: “Yearning and desire are powerful assets when aimed at God.” I was then shown a piece of Velcro with both sides stuck perfectly together and was told that the desire to cling was put into us intentionally by God so that we could cling to Him the same way the two sides of the Velcro are made for each other, created to form a perfect union.
Next, I was shown Velcro that had come apart, spinning in a clothes dryer. The side with prongs to attach became full of lint from the dryer and would no longer attach to the other side. God stated this is just what happens to us. He made us with a strong desire to cling to Him so we would be in steadfast union with Him. We became separated from Him and are tumbled around in the dryer of the world (living lives separated from God). We become attached to and filled up with the lint (material things) of the world. The desire to cling never goes away, even though our lives are full of everything to which we have attached ourselves.
We never experience perfect, seamless union with anything in the material world. Clinging to the things of this world was not what was intended in the creation of the clinging part of our nature, so material things can never be the perfect match our hearts all long for. Our desire to cling must be aimed totally at God for the fulfilling union to happen. Unfortunately, we are so full of worldly “lint” that we do not even possess our desire-clinging ability: the very thing required to have a whole experience of perfect union with God (our other half). We have to remove every piece of worldly lint to which we are clinging, to which we have attached ourselves, and with which we have satiated ourselves. We must cleanse our “desire nature” and aim our need to cling only at God. God is the only complete and satisfying answer. Cultivating the need to cling to God instead of trying to overcome the deep felt need to cling is the true answer to our hearts’ longing.