Megan J. Wells | Tending the Garden
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tend to your garden

Tending the Garden


Once upon a time, a father gave a separate piece of land to each of his two sons. The virgin lands they received were a virtual Garden of Eden. Covered with fruit trees and food-producing plants, they glistened with life. In their most vibrant natural state, they were abundantly pouring out their nourishment and healing.

The first son was ecstatic to have his very own garden. “Ah,” he thought, “This is all mine.” He was proud because of what he possessed. Its beauty made him the envy of all his friends. He boastfully showed off his newfound treasure. He gained a new confidence and felt he must be worth a lot to own such a bountiful garden.

He ate and ate and all his appetites were satisfied in his garden.  Day after day, he ate to his heart’s content. His strength and life flourished, but the beautiful garden began to diminish. He noticed that some of the plants were becoming limp and looked exhausted. He was furious at them; it was their job and destiny to feed him. It was HIS garden and the garden’s only purpose was to supply all of his needs and satisfy all of his appetites. “After all,” he thought, “the garden was flourishing without my care before I owned it. The garden should take care of itself.” Every day, the plants grew weaker and produced less and less food. He continued to eat more and more, as the food was no longer potent and did not satisfy him. This weakened condition spread throughout his garden, and he became angry. “This garden is supposed to feed me and be happy and fulfilled doing it.” The garden no longer shined. It was no longer bursting with life as when he first took it as his own and this angered him. “You are punishing me!” he yelled at the garden. “You are deliberately withholding your fruits!”

He complained to his friends that this supposedly abundant garden had misled him. “It lied,” he would say. “When I first USED the garden, it promised abundant nourishment and lured me to be its owner based on that. I have been betrayed. Now it is sparse and I am starting to go hungry.” The man felt cheated and blamed the garden for not fulfilling him the way it had in the beginning. He watered the garden resentfully, and told the garden that if it didn’t produce he would abandon it and get a new garden, one that would feed and nourish him.

He reminded the garden of all that he had amassed and now possessed (since being nourished by the garden), and that the garden should be grateful to be owned by such a great and worthy man. “Look how successful and healthy I am,” he would say. The garden put out every drop of its life force, but every day it produced less and less food. Its will to even produce was slowly being diminished. He angrily threatened the garden to produce or he would leave it. As was its nature, the garden gave all of its fruit and life until it was completely exhausted. The man bitterly left it to find a new virgin field. He never thought again about the garden that had fed him.

Soon after abandoning the exhausted garden, the man found a brand new plot of land bursting with plenty. He gorged himself on the abundance of this untapped field. “Ah” he thought, “This is what I deserve. If only my last garden had known how deserving I was, it would have continued to feed me and would still have the privilege of being owned by me. Obviously it was not the ‘right’ garden. Now I have the right one…a new one.” Again the man showed all of his friends his newfound treasure. Again he ate from the fields and marveled at the free-flowing abundance that was available to him. Since all of his needs were met, he experienced a new freedom. With his gained strength and clarity, he now had the energy for the first time in his life to attain all of his dreams. He gathered and now possessed everything he had ever wanted from his world. He amassed cars and houses and toys. His life flourished; he had everything he had ever wanted. Now he proudly showed his friends not his garden, but what he had accomplished and what he possessed while reaping the fruits of his land.  The garden, he would tell his friends, was a big disappointment; it really wasn’t what it had appeared to be and was not producing the way it had in the beginning. He constantly pointed out how lucky the garden was to be owned by him. “How lucky is this field that I call it mine. I am loyal to may garden because I am only eating out of this field. That is real devotion,” he thought. Once again his new garden began to diminish, and the man was not fully fed and satisfied. He began to grow bitter thinking “How could I have been fooled again? This garden looked abundant and promised to satisfy my every need forever.” He grew angry at this apparently “false” promise. With the depth of all their reserves, the plants in the garden gasped to produce their last fruits and the man struggled but could not satisfy his appetites.

In great frustration, the man decided to visit his brother. He found his brother on the same piece of land given to him by his father; but to his amazement, it had become a different place. Everything had flourished and became healthier and more beautiful. The trees were towering and the plants gigantic. Everything had multiplied and the bounty displayed was staggering. There was far greater abundance than when his brother had first inherited the land from his father.

The first brother thought of all the time he had spent in search of this abundance. Why did his brother have this and not him? He asked his brother “How can this be that you still have the same piece of land and it is not exhausted and depleted?” The brother explained. “I was so grateful to be given this piece of fertile land, that in gratitude, I dedicated all of my energy to serving it. Even before I picked the first fruit, I walked through my fields and determined what I could do to support and grow a better garden than what I’d been given. I fed and watered each plant and lovingly and carefully tended to its every need. I never took from the garden without giving to it first. The garden flourished and gave more and more potent fruit to me in return. This gave me more and more strength and ambition, which I used to tend and protect my garden to an ever-greater degree. I poured all of my energy into my garden, and it continually produced more and more abundantly. Every day the garden grew more beautiful and more healing to me because I lovingly tended it. I discovered that whatever I gave to my garden was returned one hundred fold what I contributed.”

This brother had amassed all the fortunes he had desired from the world because of the generous nourishment received from his garden; and in reverent gratitude, he never forgot where his strength had come from. He had discovered the order of things and he found his harmonious place in the workings of the natural laws.

And what is this story? It is the story of men, the earth and land.

It is the story of men and their women. The feminine IS the earth, nature and women. They are inseparable. How man treats the earth is how man treats his woman. How a man treat his woman is how man treats the earth, as the earth and woman are one, the feminine, the mother.

The man who exploits, instead of using his manhood to serve the feminine in his world, is leading to the destruction of Mother Nature and the human family structure by devastating the women and the earth. He is sucking the life out of both. If a man wants to see how he has tended his garden, he need only look to see if his woman is flourishing. If she is exhausted, then he has not tended to her needs and she cannot fulfill her natural destiny and bear the fruit to nourish his body, mind, and soul.

Mans’ aggression and ambition has been given to him by his Creator to serve the feminine principle – to make the world a safe place for women, children and nature. It is not aggression and ambition that are the problem. It is their misuse and lack of direction in the purposeful way for which they were created. Man is not fulfilled using his male energy to serve male energy.

Even as man seeks new and virgin land to exploit for his purposes instead of tending the garden that he has been entrusted to serve, so it is with the woman he has been entrusted. The trend to exploit, exhaust and search out a new one is a pattern that is devastating our world. As with the microcosm, so it is with the macrocosm.