Megan J. Wells | Spiritual Consultations
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Spiritual Consultations – Healing the misconceptions on your spiritual journey that keep you in the loop of always seeking never finding

The true happiness comes from feeling yourself grow spiritually.

The message most important for me to share is the awareness that we do not need to “acquire” spiritual enlightenment. In the same way we do not have to “attain” health but only need to stop interfering with the health we already possess.

My greatest teacher, Yogananda, explained that self realization is knowing that we are already one with God and just need to improve our knowing. This is subtle but 180 degrees from striving to become enlightened which usually involves a lot of concepts of what it looks like to be spiritual. The truth is, when we are authentic, we are closest to expressing our true nature. A white flower does not try to contort itself into appearing purple because it believes that is more spiritual. The path to enlightenment is more about disrobing identities that we have layered over the top of our souls, not honing a more spiritual “image”.

It is not perfecting a spiritual identity but letting go of all identification with our self concepts, the sense of I, me, and mine, which is an ego-centered way of being.

For more on this subject also see my book Uncommon Common Sense – Practical Spirituality

*Consultation rates are $100 per hour

*To find out more about each type of Consultation please go to each individual page

*To book a Consultation with Megan simply contact her through the contact form, stating which type of Consultation you are interested in