Megan J. Wells | Relationship Consultations
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Relationship Consultations – Clearing the path to a relationship that is in harmony with your spiritual evolution

Relationships are the classroom of this world. The greatest lessons and growth come in the form of relationships. We have created bonds through many lifetimes with others and continue to come together in new roles to perfect our relationship. A perfected relationship is one founded on unconditional love. But what is love?

Relationships and family life are training to expand ourselves beyond our own skin to include someone else as a part of our self and to consider others well being as important as our own. Growing beyond our skin encapsulated ego identification to include others is the first step towards expanding our consciousness in the direction of our true identity.

For more about my history with relationship teachings and consulting please also see my relationship book Urge to Merge.

*Consultation rates are $100 per hour

*To find out more about each type of Consultation please go to each individual page

*To book a Consultation with Megan simply contact her through the contact form, stating which type of Consultation you are interested in