Megan J. Wells | Myth of the Evil Sunlight
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Myth of the Evil Sunlight

The Myth of the Evil Sunlight


“Anything you put on your skin,

you put in your mouth.”  


If you consume a meal that follows the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.), you may consume thousands of chemical pollutants.  They come from the air and the soil in which the product was grown, the chemicals which cleaned the processing plant, the chemical preservatives, the chemicals and dyes in the packaging, etc.  After you consume a meal, your body tries to eliminate as much of the poison as it can, largely through the sweat on your skin, your body’s largest organ of elimination.  Now, add your chemical laundry soap residue, chemical bath soap and chemical skin creams and go out in the sun and heat up and cook all these toxins on your skin, and what do you think happens?


We know from science class that there is no greater catalyst than mixing chemicals together and then heating them.  So, this carcinogenic soup gets cooked on your skin, and then when you get cancer, the sun takes the blame.


Here is a question to ponder about the sun as a cause of skin cancer: Why, if the sun has now become harmful, are not all the plants being burned and the wild animals covered with cancer (as humans are)?  Could it be that what man has consumed is the cause?  Did you know that studies now show that the many chemically-based sunscreens (which are most) cause skin cancer and that since sunscreen began to be used more frequently, skin cancer cases have increased dramatically?


Burning, due to over exposure to the sunlight does, of course, weaken the health of the skin, which may then contribute to skin cancer, but do you know what natural sunscreen is?  It’s your body’s own tanning mechanism!  If you wear sunscreen and you do not tan, your skin is totally unprotected from skin cancer.


Our preoccupation with physical youth has spurred this “fear of the sun” epidemic.  It does look healthier to have a tan and the sun in moderation is healing to humans; it strengthens the immune system and makes strong blood.  Sunlight kills many bacteria and anything that thrives in the dark and damp.  The natural forces we are immersed in are all life enhancing. As long as we partake of them in a balance they are healing to us. (See Essene Gospel of Peace in recommended resources).

*Excerpt from You’re Not Fat You’re Swollen