Megan J. Wells | Don’t tinker with the super computer – My grandmother’s teachings
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grandmas teachings

Don’t tinker with the super computer – My grandmother’s teachings

My study of what leads to health began early in my life with my grandmother’s teachings. She was self sufficient on an organic farm as well as a beacon of spiritual awareness. Her church, as she told us, was her garden and all of nature. The book of Nature was her Bible and her greatest relationship was with Jesus Christ. She sang to Him and spoke with Him as candidly as she did the rest of us. I never knew a time when Christ was not real for me due to my grandmother’s close relationship with Him. I witnessed many healings and miracles surrounding my grandmother. The way she and my grandfather lived was at peace and simply.

She took in and healed many “city” kids and I witnessed the transformation of those that came sick in mind and body into strong happy and positive children. Sometimes the clash of their pampered imbalanced lives was quite abrupt. My grandmother was what I describe as a beneficent dictator. Her word and authority was final but always came from divine love for our souls.

She knew of the evils of processed foods and considered white sugar and white flour poison and this was back in the 40’s and 50’s! She also knew that chemical fertilizers and pesticides were deadly to the soil, the plants, the animals, and us. She actually practiced Hatha Yoga although at the time I never heard her call it that. She daily sang aloud the most heart-felt songs to God her favorite one was He walks with me and he talks with me and he tells me I am his own.

She predicted my own father’s death from colon cancer long before it happened. She continually warned him that the white flour-red meat diet he was consuming would kill him. She insisted on large raw organic salads but he would never eat them. He suffered a heart attack and nearly died but would still not change his lifestyle of smoking and red meat and pastries etc. Then he got cancer and I tried to save him. I was only 16 and going up against the doctors was impossible. I tried to cleanse and heal him with organic juices while they were trying to poison him further. The seriousness of the situation drove me to interviewing many doctors who were confirming that cancer was caused by a failing and weakened immune system. I met many people that were healed through diet and lifestyle changes. One doctor got stomach cancer and admitted that what he was doing to cancer patients in his practice was unfounded. He healed himself and wrote a book entitled Food is Your Best Medicine. I met him and many of his patients who were out playing tennis and enjoying life after taking his advice and cleaning up their diet and lifestyle. Unfortunately my father believed the doctors and in my opinion they killed him. This spurred a fire in me to stop this from happening for as many other people as my life would permit. That my father died unnecessarily haunted me from then on. I could not help telling people what I knew to be true even in the 60’s as a teenager up against the AMA and their complete lack of awareness of what constitutes health.

As years went by I experimented on myself and, as the rest of the world got more and more complicated about what keeps you healthy, I went the other way. I saw that leaving the body alone or resting it from abuse is usually all that is required for healing. What I mean is removing the cause of the lack of underlying health not in adding something more toacquire health.  This simple about face of how we think of health and disease is still being missed by many in the naturopathic medicine fields today.  I see it as an inability to recognize the brilliant intelligence in the body and the belief that we (our ego and intellects) are smarter than the intelligence that runs the body. Exchanging harmful things we subject ourselves to with life enhancing things is part of it. I have come to believe that the body can always heal if we will just cooperate and let it. We do not have adequate intelligence to tinker with the super computer which is our body’s innate intelligence. This simple shift in awareness is the message I am motivated to share and spread.

Following in my grandmothers footsteps, it is my passion to heal people. I offer health consultations via phone, skype or in person (on Maui/Hawaii). For more info please see my Health Consultations page.