Megan J. Wells | Animal Magnetism- Sure sign of intense karma
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Animal Magnetism- Sure sign of intense karma

In a previous life your partner murdered you. In the times between reincarnations  the two souls in a much clearer space discuss the need to come back together and do a better job of relating. How in the world would you insure you do not run  in the opposite direction when you next meet? Animal magnetism or intense physical attraction would insure you would connect to work out this intense karma. If you have ever been in a relationship that feels like you can’t tear yourself away from the person but don’t know why, this insight will help you understand. If  feel you don’t really like who they are as a person, but have intense physical chemistry, this is a sure sign of a need to work out some challenging karma. You might try to imagine what happened in the past to better cope with what you have to do to mend things this time around. Patterns of behavior will start to  emerge which will give you hints of the past story. If you run away you will just need to do it some time later so might as well get to it now and master what ever you must to get an A in the course. You can use every relationship and every situation as weight training to strengthen your spiritual muscles. It is easier not to get too deeply entangled with this type of relationship if you can be that disciplined since it will be easier to work things out if you are not in a boiling pot trying to live together or God-forbid get married to your worst karma.