Megan J. Wells | About Megan
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About Megan J. Wells – Author, Consultant, Healer of Consciousness

Megan J. Wells grew up on an organic farm in Tillamook, Oregon in the 50’s & 60’s. She was mentored during her childhood by a spiritually advanced grandmother. The truths revealed to her in Nature brought her to the path of Natural Hygiene, fasting and the Essene Teachings (original Christianity) at the early age of fifteen.

Megan embraced the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (Self Realization Fellowship) at sixteen and began seriously practicing the eight limbs of Yoga (the science of self mastery) as a way of life. Her forty plus years of experience and understanding of life-enhancing principles have been distilled down to their essence in her inspired book series. Megan, lives happily on her organic off the grid farm on Maui. She is also an Essene Minister.

Megan’s origins and views of her Health, Yoga, Spirituality and Relationship teachings can be explored further in these following blog posts:

Don’t thinker with the Super Computer – My Grandmothers Teachings

Relationships – expending ourselves beyond our own skin

Yoga as a life-long discipline

True happiness comes from feeling yourself grow

About Megan’s Book Series – Give me the Gist of It

We have Computers for Dummies and Sewing for Dummies but what about the really important questions that have the greatest impact on our lives? Just Give Me The Gist Of It Books are a simple answer to life’s deep questions…..The books are all about our most important relationships; relationship with God, relationship with our own body and relationship with others.

In an over complex and confusing world, our souls long for simplicity and clarity.

Just Give Me the Gist of It Book Series is in answer to this need.

“I am a distiller of wisdom…always seeking to find what is really beneath and behind all truth. My hope is to bring to light universal answers beyond dogma and superstition that all may easily embrace and apply to improve their lives.”

My purpose is to distill down to essence advanced truths to make them easier for all ages and levels of development to understand.

Simple answers to lead us through and out of the maize of conflicting view points. A peeling away of all superfluous information to reveal the core essence of transformational truth in the most necessary areas of our lives.

Valuing potency over quantity of words; Giving the most nourishment to our souls with the least digestion required. Revealing the shortest most direct path to awakening our innate intelligence within our own truest Self.