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You’re Not Fat You’re Swollen

The Last Book on Diet You’ll Ever Need

This book is about changing your relationship with your own body. This begins with an appreciation of your body as the complicated ecosystem that it is, be- cause without understanding its complexity, it’s impossible to understand its simplicity. But that doesn’t mean my message is complicated; in fact my message is a simple common sense analysis of what health truly is.

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Praise for Uncommon Common Sense

“Uncommon Common Sense, Practical Spirituality” by Megan J. Wells offers the wisdom of the Masters through colorful easy to read anecdotes and stories. Esoteric teachings are distilled into practical tips for living a more meaningful life. Megan shares from her rich life experience, the truth of the ages in a no nonsense format that guides the reader to reflect on their God nature and to return home to the self. I highly recommend this little book to those seeking spiritual answers, and for those who want to be reminded of the wisdom of their soul.
Liah Howard Psychic/Channel
Kihei, Hawaii
April 20, 2015



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Upcoming Books

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    A yogic book on relationships
  • 3 Ingredient Cook Book
    A healthy cook book for people with no time to waste
  • Whole Breath Yoga
    The simplest path to letting go of stress and dis-ease
  • The Heart Story
    A children’s book about self-realization
  • Enter the Wind
  • The Greatest High
    A yogic view of addictions
  • The New Age
    Lost in Sensuality
  • Imagine
    Movie sceen play about our healed world inhabited by all God realized beings
  • Jesus didn’t say that
  • Six Tools Satan uses to deceive us